IdImager - what am I missing??

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Re: IdImager - what am I missing??

Pedro Dias wrote:

I'm evaluating the IdImager as a lightweight DAM for my home. So far, its made a nice impression, it took 3 days to index my images (I have a handful) but after that, search is nice and fast, as can be expected from a local database

Yikes, 3 days for a handful of images?

I use a home grown system but it can index 55,000 images in about 20 mins (D200 NEF's and derived JPEG's). Making thumbs for each image takes another hour or so. Subsequent additions and updates are hugely faster of course.

I don't understand where these GB databases come from either. I can store most of the useful EXIF and my IPTC data for those images in less than 60MB.

My system wouldn't help you because it only has simple keywording without a real controlled vocab or hierarchical tree. However, that wouldn't have a big impact on the database size or speed even if it is a non-trivial task to implement a decent user interface.

It seems the market for DAM systems is really rather small and I guess that's why there's not a lot of good solutions out there.

You're apparently familiar with Lightroom. But you might want to look at:

and also PhotoMechanic (no database/searching but strong on tagging):

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