A G3 button disable button please.

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Re: A G3 button disable button please.

BWWooster wrote:

I would be ok if you could reprogramme the red Auto button or one of the function buttons to fix the chosen settings. In other words I have selected the settings I want press the disable button, re-press to enable. Walking around with the camera in one hand and then having to check the settings haven't accidentally been changed before taking the next picture is a pain and forgetting to check and to find out when you get home your sunny day pictures were taken at ISO 4000 is a bigger pain.
Does anyone else find this a problem and if so do you have an answer for it?

A work around is to set the buttons for the focus point - there is a menu item for this but I don't have the camera in front of me.

That way, when you hit one of the buttons, the focus point indicator comes on and you will see that easier than say the ISO. If you ignore it, then all you are doing is taking a photo with the wrong point - a far lesser evil.

The buttons' normal function can be added to the Q menu.


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