It's time to have 'Flat View' as default on this forum

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Barrie Davis
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Re: Wrong attitude...

MusicDoctorDJ wrote:

RubberDials wrote:

Barrie Davis wrote:

As it is I think you are the LAST one that should complain of rudeness, since you come across as a rather arrogant and dictatorial little person....

... and have made yourself a natural target for the antagonism.

Is that rude enough for you?

It is not me dictating how other people should be obliged to have the forum set up.

What's more, his argument is as weak as water because he CAN gave it set up as he wants, AND default as he wants. That's where he is dictatorial.

Moreover, his demands are merely spiteful. Nothing to do with having what he wants, but all about pointlessly denying other people what THEY want. That is his arrogance.

It is no wonder has has attracted so much criticism. Wrong attitude.

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