My a77 just became faulty.

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Re: beta testing?

PC Wheeler wrote:

UK Chris wrote:

zefelder wrote:

1.02b. beta?

Mine is 1.02, it doesn't say 1.02B

Interesting. There was some discussion, I think here, last week about the latest being a 1.02B. Perhaps that was the beta of the released version.

Bummer if there are extensive anomalies. I wonder if it could be a bad batch vs. a firmware problem. I owned one of the early A55 units and there were no problems with it in the ten or so months I used it. If Sony messes up on anything, I'd not expect it to be software.

As a point of interest, I ordered mine directly from Sony. When the box arrived the seal on the box was not stuck down, so is it possible the firmware may have been updated prior to despatch? It would be interesting to know if anyone has 1.02B on their cameras.

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