How are you focussing with the GXR-M?

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Re: How are you focussing with the GXR-M?

Godfrey wrote:

I have assigned enlarge full screen on FN1 and focus assist 2 on FN2. Depending on focal length, I adjust the magnification ... 2x for longer lenses, 4x for around the normal, 8x for wides.

Thanks for the tip on Fn2 - on my M mount module Fn2 is not doing anything much but I have Fn1 the same way as you have.

Sometimes, focus assist mode 1 is easier to work with. At other times, mode 2. It depends on the complexity of the subject and the light level you're working in.

Longer lenses are easier to focus critically as you can see the focus transition point change more sharply as they pass through the peak focus point than with short lenses. Short lenses' greater DoF makes the transition more subtle.

I am still having a little trouble with getting sharp focus on wides at a distance but short of infinity focus - even using hyper-focal - must keep practicing.

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