Things m4/3 still needs

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Things m4/3 still needs
  • Weathersealing. Only makes sense in a small, take-everywhere setup. I am astonished this aspect has been ignored by all the manufacturers of mirrorless systems. Even the current prime lenses are not sealed AFAIK. M4/3 could definitely do with at least one sealed body and a few primes.

  • A fast 17mm. The Oly 17/2.8 is a placeholder for something faster with higher quality (not necessarily a pancake). It's about time that lens showed up.

  • Improved MF assist. A peaking feature would be most welcome, especially if it can be applied to existing cameras by firmware update.

  • PDAF. This one seems especially tricky, but it's a must IMO. All those lovely 4/3 optics are almost useless on m4/3 without this feature.

  • One more sensor supplier. Inner competition could do wonders in this respect, although I am personally satisfied with what I have.

  • One more (trendy) partner. M4/3 would establish a status above all others if it were triple-headed. Perhaps Fuji?

Anything else?

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