Best inexpensive M-mount adapter?

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Re: Any pictures of shims?

tesilab wrote:


Or one would think it wouldn't be so hard to manufacture these things more accurately. My Fotodiox focuses my Contax G lenses far past infinity (to quote: "To infinity and beyond!). I wonder if it has to do with the fact that it is an autofocus lens.

I think all AF lenses can focus beyond infinity. All I had certainly did. It's probably something about the AF motor and a need of slack. And CDF AF lenses has to be able to focus beyond infinity to be able to find focus at "infinity".

Long tele lenses affected by high and low temperatures need to be able to focus beyond infinity.

...and the Contax G adapter; back in my micro 4/3 days I tried two different adapters. The Kipon focused way beyond infinity, the Metabones did as well, but not as much (if the expression is physically OK), and it was also possible to focus somewhat closer with the Metabones adapter (same with three different lenses).



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