Best inexpensive M-mount adapter?

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Any pictures of shims?

I have yet to see what these shims might look like. I am imagining a paper ring between the lens and the adapter, and having a little trouble imagining changing lenses that way. (I have three lenses sharing a Contax G adapter right now.)

Too bad these solutions don't come die cut from the adapter manufacturers, made out of something thin but more durable than paper. But I guess no one wants to sell their product with a kludgy thing designed to get them closer to perfection as far as infinity.

Or one would think it wouldn't be so hard to manufacture these things more accurately. My Fotodiox focuses my Contax G lenses far past infinity (to quote: "To infinity and beyond!). I wonder if it has to do with the fact that it is an autofocus lens.

viking79 wrote:

My guess is you will need to make a very thin shim that will go under the M mount portion of the adapter between the barrel that moves the M mount a few hundredths or thousandths of an inch from the sensor.

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