Need a Reality Check - is it me or is my E5 'unreliable' for sports

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I never said Oly's CAF was comparable but it's not totally useless. The 300mmf2.8 is such a beautiful lens that I don't think I could live without it

rovingtim wrote:

Donald didn't say that from 'knowledge' but from the assumption that given equal skill, better equipment createsd the opportunity for better shots.

While constraint can sometimes aid photography, I agree with Donald that in the field of BIF, if you were experienced with a better CAF system, you would be able to reliably capture shots Oly can only capture by luck.

From my point of view, you've a good eye and I think better equipment would up your game.

However, if you just love using Oly, the enjoyment is probably more important. If that is the case, stick with Oly and enjoy yourself.

However, telling others that the E5 has comparable CAF to CaNikon is misleading and can cause an unfortunate situation if someone spends a lot of money as the result of this incorrect information.

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