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Re: Haven't you read the NEX7 specs

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I would love an “Alpha 7,” a fatter NEX-7 with in body stabilisation and A mount lenses.

I pretty sure that is future. The camera after A77 would be A77 body that has E mount. You can turn it into A-mount camera with an SLT adapter (that might come bundled with the camera).

How can you have an A77 with an E-mount? If you have an E-mount, then it would be a NEX body, not an Axx body.

And, as the '7' designation indicates a camera aimed at the serious amateur/slightly below pro level user, I doubt that they would buy a camera that uses an adapter, as it would most likely compromise the weather resistance of the body. Plus, the '7' level A-mount camera bodies are designed to be larger and use a metal body, so they are heavier, not to mention that many users would have a vertical grip on the body.

Your logic doesn't make sense.

"Your logic doesn't make sense." I didn't think so either until I read your reply - you had none. Most of it is about a naming convention (who cares) and the rest is about perception. The A-mount isn't going to last forever. Combining the NEX and SLT may be the future of Sony's APS-C. - TF

That is exactly what they have done. You have an NEX body that shoots E mount lenses with an adapter that allows you to use your A mount lenses if full AF mode.

I could be the best of both worlds - or a cludge that just doesn't work well. Time will tell.

But the NEX doesn't have the A77 ergonomics which I assume was the point. - TF

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