70-300mm VR Nikkor, Tripod.

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Re: 70-300mm VR Nikkor, Tripod.

Haithamcz wrote:


Somebody knows where I can find a good tripod for my d3100 nikon and lens 70-300mm VR Nikkor?

70-300mm VR Nikkor , does not come with a tripod mount, and i already have a tripod

but i can mount only the camera on it, and when i used 70-300mm VR Nikkor, its to heave for the tripod to mount the camera rather than the lens, so I am looking for a way to make the 70-300mm VR Nikkor mountable on my tripod.

I am not sure if tripod rings are good for 70-300mm VR Nikkor.

Thank you in advance,

I have allmost the same setup. D5100, and Tamron 70-300. However, I have two tripods, and they are rock solid. I have the Manfrotto/Bogen O55XPROB, and the Manfrotto/Bogen 3033, and they both have Bogen 3047 heads. I think I can put 3 cameras on each one of those tripods, and they would still be rock steady.

You have to get a complimentary tripod for your D3100, and that means no Wally mart, Department store tripod, which I am betting that what you have.

Luck to you

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