Embarssment: The dpreview "hands on" Nikon 1

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Re: Exciting times

I think that larger sensor superzooms must now be just around the corner (in my opinion, that is what the 1" system should have been).

Actually, I'm pretty sure the larger sensors make the superzoom more difficult to achieve - especially in a compact package. Take a look at the superzooms and you find that few have the larger 1.7" variety of sensors.

As an aside is there any rational to the sensor size definitions? My understanding was that the dimension quoted was supposed to be the diagonal dimension of the sensor but in actual fact it is nowhere near it....what does the number actually mean??

Yes. It is a system based on the sensor size you get from the equivalent Vidicon tube diameter. Basically, you divide the diagonal by 16 to the the "inch" reference. So the Nikon is approximately 16mm on the diagonal (16 16 = 1) and is hence a "one inch" sensor.

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