Nikon V1 - I've decided to buy one (selling my GH2)

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Re: Bizzare decision, if that is true.

As I said, those who don't see the difference aren't pushing their cameras. From the same article

"Can the GH2 compare in image quality?

Well, that depends. It depends on the size of print being made, the amount of cropping, the ISO needed to be used and the intended purpose. These considerations then need to be contrasted with ones intended use for the images.

Is the GH2's image quality good enough? Yes, it is for me, and for my purposes while I live in Mexico this winter. If I need higher resolution or better high ISO capability then I'll have other choices available down the road, but for the type of shooting that I bought it for it excels. "

And here he isn't even talking about dynamic range. The fact remains that m43 sensors lag behind APS-C more than what the difference in size would indicate.

Jorginho wrote:

Michael Reichmann said it:

"This is where the rubber meets the road, or, less poetically but more accurately – where the photons hit the silicon.

Let's start by stipulating that a 4/3 sensor, because it is smaller than APS-C, will – all other things being equal – always have slightly lower IQ at any given resolution. Similarly, APS-C will have lower IQ / resolution than full frame 35mm, and medium format etc, etc. You get the picture.

That's the fundamental compromise of the Four Thirds and Micro Four Thirds formats. They are smaller than the competition. This means that with the same Megapixel count, they will not have as high image quality as larger sensors, especially low noise at higher ISOs. That's the bad news.

But – is this difference visible? I would suggest that at normal print sizes (up to 13X19") the answer is likely no. Theory is one thing, but practice is another. Do you regularly print your work at 20X24" or larger? Great, then you should be using at least a 24MP camera and likely medium format. Smaller? Then, unless you're pixel peeping, the difference between APS-C and MFT is de minimis. "

You can read the full story here:

You were talking about "printsize", not me. I understand that the best APS-c sesnsors simply are and always will be better than the best m43 sensors.

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