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John King
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Re: The nature of Freudian projection ...

Hercules Grytpype-Thynne wrote:

John King wrote:

Great Bustard wrote:

Explain this post of yours, which was your only post in the thread that had no other purpose than to attack Bob, as well as the last post in the thread (151), seven hours (!) after post 150,

And now you are admitting that "Hercules" is "bobn2".

He made no such admission. I posted, you posted as 151 a post that had no purpose other than attack 'Newman'. It was even addressed to 'Newman': 'Newman: On exemplifying hypocrisy'. He was just saying what you did , no implication about me.

I didn't think you were quite as thick as that, but if you say so ...

Its quite up to you what you believe about my identity,

Which one are you talking about, hypocrite? "bobn2", "HGT", "HB", "Lucky boy", etc, etc, etc, etc. You have even admitted to more nicks than I have had hot feeds ... I wonder why that could be the case? Rhetorical question. Almost everyone here recognises a psychopath when they see one; that makes you as obvious as dog poop on one's shoe.

but at least take some responsibility for your actions - just like you didn't when it came to owning up about your dual life as John King and Mauve Panthers, by treating us to a'lame story about it being necessary to run two nicks to be polite to someone on the Oly forum.

Like I said in my post - I do not expect sociopaths such as you and your trolling buddies to even start to comprehend the concepts of "polite, social behaviour". If any proof of my assertion was needed (it isn't ... ), you just provided that proof.

AND YET, here I am, posting under my own name on all forums here. AND have been ever since the misunderstanding with DPR was sorted out last year ... A misunderstanding that you and your trolling buddies just happened to be deeply involved in. What a surprise ...

As we can see from this series of posts, politeness is not something you're to bothered with.

I am perfectly polite to almost everyone here, and everyone on other sites I frequent.

OTOH, you are unfailingly and unflinchingly bloody rude to all here who have the temerity to even slightly disagree with you, and your self-appointed god-like omniscience and omnipotence. Like Joe, who cannot even torque the torque ...

Besides, your dual life ran to quite a few posts, an excuse for one doesn't really cover it.

Playing fast and loose with the truth again, Newman.
Nothing changed there.

Are you, like Joe, short on work ATM?
And Green.
I wonder why? Again, a purely rhetorical question ...

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