Nikon V1 - I've decided to buy one (selling my GH2)

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Re: Nikon V1 - I've decided to buy one (selling my GH2)

frosti7 wrote:

From my perspective, your selling a good camera to purchase the nikon 1 with 10-30 kit - a camera that get its ass kicked by a P&S Olympus XZ-1 (dont forget that oly lens is 2 stops faster)

besides, the new G3 with X 14-42 lens would be a smaller then nikon 1 10-30 combo - and a much more capable camera - at least for me as i consider DOF and swivel screen a much more important features then anything nikon 1 has to offer

So could you please explain me how to get a series of sharp pictures of a any kind of fast moving object moving into your direction, with any µFT camera?

I've got an E-5, a G1 and an E-PL3 - so nibody can say that I want to bash FT/µFT. bur it's somewhat sisappointing that after severa generations of µFt cameras from PanOly it's Nikon who give us the first mirrorless camera with an apparently working C-AF - and do so with their first MILC.

Yeah right, the IQ of µFT is better, there are more lenses available and these lenses may be better and more compact - and you can get shallower DOF with µFT and and and - but all that doesn't help a lot if you can't shoot the subjects you want to, doesn't it?

So, depending on what you want to do, µFT is no option compared to the V1. And - of course - vice versa.

Why not - if there's enough space on the sofa...

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