Mirrorless Formats: Too Many?

Started Sep 24, 2011 | Discussions thread
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Re: Accentuate the positive

I feel that there has been too much negativity in this whole area of new camera systems, and that one, but by no means the only, cause for this has been over-reliance on the word mirrorless.

Agree. I get a lot of UK mags and in the early days 'mirrorless' were often referred to or reviewed from a DSLR perspective and therefore reviews would concentrate on what the camera was not, rather than what it was.

Now that the system has come of age and market share is tangible, it is interesting to see that the magazines that have DSLR in the title are now including mirrorless kit, as i assume to include (or exclude) that area of custom translates into some important circulation figures.

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