The Wedge Part 2

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The Wedge Part 2

I posted my Wedge Pt. 1 back on May 29th. You can see it here.

I asked for and received some good comments/criticisms and have followed your advice for the next big Wedge Breaks. This happened early in September and I shot the big waves on September 2nd. I arrived before sunup to have some chance of parking close to the beach and for the light. I was able to park close but the light never came, heavy overcast all day. My early morning shots are dark and my mistake was not to add some exposure compensation. Oh well, all was not lost because I shoot in RAW and was able to pull out some very good exposures anyway, hooray for RAW!

O.K. here we go, the results of getting a second chance at "The Wedge"

Most images are not cropped and if they are the aspect ratio is the original 2/3, no square crops.

How do you like these for wave height, how big is each wave?

Big Wave #1, shot 7:20 a.m., yes it was very dark.

Big Wave #2, no crop.

Big Wave #2, vertical crop. Does the vertical crop work?

Not so big wave #3, still to much for amateurs.

Sequence of images, #5 to #9. Do you like seeing a sequence?
Num. 5

Num. 6

Num. 7

Num. 8

Num. 9

I will be posting to the The Digital Darkroom forum asking for help with post processing, however here is one for you to try. I really need help using Lightroom 3 and surfing pictures. Thanks.

Edit #1 Rendered with default Lightroom settings, resize to 1000 px on long side, no cropping.

Edit #2, my humble attempt.

Now I have never tried to offer the original raw file for you to download, but if I am doing this correctly you should be able to play with the raw file and post your rendering, if you want.

Hope you like my effort and don't mind being a little O.T.

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Newbie, having fun.

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