Goodbye 7D Hello A77

Started Sep 24, 2011 | Discussions thread
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Re: Goodbye 7D Hello A77

I said goodbye to my D7000 and hello A77.

Sony seems more with it and they do not mind having a video component in their cameras. Unlike Nikon who seem to be abhorrent to the idea of including video capabilities to their cameras.

Nikon should take a look at most business websites, because they contain still photography but more increasingly, video. Now when a client comes to you and asks, can you take the photographs, a Nikon/Canon/Sony user would have no qualms in saying YES. But when the same client then immediately asks you if you can also do a video of their CEO, a Nikon user will have to say NO, while a Canon user will say a big YES and now a Sony A77 can also say YES!

Nikon, I know you like to be a purist photography company, but please listen: Time changes and so should you!

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