Canon, you're our only hope...

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Re: Canon, you're our only hope...

onlooker wrote:

MusicDoctorDJ wrote:

I think it is painfully obvious that mirrorless 35mm FF cameras will never happen.

Of course it will. How long it will take, no one knows at this point, but as technology progresses, that is the logical course.

Not really . . .

The logical course is that as technolgy evolves . . . imaging sensors will grow as small as the cameras that it seems most users crave!

I personally think that 35mm-sized imaging sensors will probably become a thing of the past in the next 10-15 years!

Think about it . . .

How long has it been since the last 35mm-sized FF sensored camera been released by Canon, Nikon or Sony?

They are not making more models . . . but less!

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