Out with the E-PM1 + 35mm f/1.7 CCTV Lens Today...

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Out with the E-PM1 + 35mm f/1.7 CCTV Lens Today...

Decided to get out and play with my new E-PM1 and a CCTV lens I already had... a WSL

35mm f/1.7 one that I got an ebay about a year or so ago (I think). All shot RAW and taken through ACR 6.5 (RC) and Photoshop.

I was heading to the beach with my daughter, when along the way we saw this staring out at us from a shop window... I HAD to stop and take her photo, she was so darn creepy. I think she'll steal your soul if you look at her for too long.

and in the same row of stores, there were also some antique photos for sale...

Then, onto the beach we went. When Hurricane Irene hit, we couldn't get down to this spot for a while because of damage and flooding, but it was finally opened up again today.

We also saw this guy with his surf board and paddle (???) doing his thing (double ???)... I have no idea what this "sport" is called, but it seems rather... um... stupid? Is this someone who is too lazy for swimming, doesn't know how to surf and is too broke to buy a boat? LOL! No offense meant if any of you out there partake in this activity, I just don't see the point... feel free to explain it to me if you know!

Thanks for looking all...


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