DxOMark results bugging me

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2 stops better read noise

Your link didn't work for me, but you are probably looking at the wrong data.

The graph for dynamic range (which indicates shadow (read) noise and thus limits the usability at higher ISOs) shows that the G3 at ISO 1600 has similar shadow noise as the E510 at ISO 400. So that's an improvement of 2 stops (or 1.8 stops if being pedantic). That's a dramatic improvement (which is also there when going one or two stops higher on the ISO scale). And add to that that the read noise of the E510 probably is more patterned ("banding") the difference may be even bigger in practice.

Also on the shot noise front (noise in brighter parts of the image) there is a nice improvement of about 1/3 stop (due to the nature of shot noise, one should never expect big improvements there).

And this is achieved without compromising the colour sensitivity.

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