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Michael Firstlight wrote:

I hope some others understand what I've just proposed; I've not really heard any folks in our field propose such an approach and I think it is viable.


One doesn't really need to re-invent the wheel Mike - just follow the guidelines set out by the various professional associations.

I'm based in the UK, so for me that means the Association of Photographers (AOP) - who's guidelines can be found in their book Beyond the Lens , which anyone can buy & read. - Chapter 5: "The guidelines shown on the following pages are for use where the photographer has issued, or is issuing, a licence and were produced as a result of discussions between art buyers, photographers and photographers’ agents. These are not recommendations, but are provided as guidelines for negotiation based on current trade practice."

Using the BUR (Base Usage Rate) pricing system - which I highly recommend and have written about on my blog:

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