NEX-7, SLT-A65 or SLT-A77?

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NEX-7, SLT-A65 or SLT-A77?


Currently I have three cameras in regular-to-seldom use: Canon S90, Leica X1, NEX-5. Skillwise, absolutely below-enthusiast: I'm a 'full-auto' guy.

The Canon is still the camera I pack most as it's relatively tiny yet capable. I plan to upgrade this to the S100 when it's released. It's what I have lurking in the bottom of my bag usually.

The X1 - my last buy chronologically - comes out for parties and other situations where I know I'll need a decent camera, but want to keep it more P&S than 'professional looking'. I don't plan to change this for a while.

The NEX comes out when I know I'll need a decent picture and I have room for the gear. I have the full at-release set of lenses for it, i.e. the pancake, short zoom and long zoom.

(I'm also considering adding a Fuji superzoom to this trifecta)

However, apart from the focal length choice over the X1, I'm increasingly feeling that the NEX is getting more redundant, and that to make a 'proper picture' camera more relevant, I should be looking at something which throws out better pictures than the 5 does.

When I didn't have the X1 I did value the relative portability of the NEX range, which is why the 7 still looks like a contender. I definitely could use an EVF, and the new sensor looks good. However, I've been thinking that buying the X1 has lessened the need for a small body 'proper camera', so on those occasions that I want really good photos maybe I wouldn't be inconvenienced by a DSLR-sized machine after all. However, this has to be balanced with the fact that e.g. where I would have packed the pancake or the short zoom I'm now using the X1, so the NEX itself is coming out much less than it used to so I expect this pattern of less use to continue - so I don't want to spend thousands for something I would relatively rarely use anyway..

I hope the logic is more or less understandable.

Having weighed up the pros and cons, the A65 is looking like the sensible thing to buy from my thinking. I get better native glass, the salient features of the NEX-7 but in a more 'pro-capable' package, and its not expensive. Of course I'd have to re-buy the lenses but I'm willing to tolerate that, and I can also re-think my lens choices as e.g. I barely touch the 200mm zoom. The plastic body I'm not sure about, but most of the previews seem to be unanimous in saying that the A65 makes more sense than the 77. What I'm most unsure about is the usability of the package for someone like me. Given my propensity towards just leaving everything as is, is even the A65 a mistake? Am I better off giving the NEX-7 a try?

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