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OK he says he is a pro, If a pro for the past 8 years he should have some kind of idea what to charge, where to go to get an idea, not on this forum.
waits 7 months to contact the proposed customer, haven't had an answer as yet.

If any pro on this forum ran his/her business that way, they wouldn't last very long.

Read between the lines of the OP posts, it was a phishing expedition to get an idea what to charge. In my opinion he should contact one of the stock agencys and see if there is interest.

To the OP, 8 years in the business and you get 200/300 per commisioned shoot holy cow why not give it away in the first place. That is chump change,beer money, whatever. And for your info I'm still around after retiring some 30 years. And I am still called to do PJ work for a few magazines.

Here's a thought, what did your vacation cost you,OP?? Use that cost as a price for your shot.
Good gracious what a joke.

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