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Re: D5100 settings for sports

I never really use auto ISO and tend to keep my camera in Aperture mode for my kids soccer pics. I will mostly use the 70-200 at around F3.5 and this then allows for a high enough shutter speed and low enough ISO in most conditions. The low aperture very nicely holds my kid in focus and blurs out the surroundings to give a great effect and makes for great shots. If your lens doesnt go that low then just choose your lowest f stop possible with the lens you use.

I try to never let my shutter speed go much below 1/500 although sometimes even if it does go as low as 1/250th or so i will take a few pics at that speed as it does add a nice blur to some of the kicking shots. If I see the shutter speed dipping due to bad light I just raise the ISO with the obvious intention of always keeping the ISO as low as possible. I have rarely needed to go above ISO640.

For AF try AF-C mode which works well for soccer unless you know how to use backbutton focus which is definitely the best focus option once you get used to it. I tend to stick to single point or dynamic focus and rarely use 3d tracking as dont find it reliable enough for soccer pics.

Also try centered weighting metering which I find for soccer will give you more accurate lighting of your kid as it will exposure correctly for her shirt or shirts which is what you will tend to be tracking on focus rather than including too much compensation for sky etc which is probably why your sample picture is a bit dark.

For WB I use auto but sometimes change to cloudy or day depending on conditions. Doesnt make a huge difference as auto on the Nikon is very good.

And whilst I sometimes take raw for soccer i tend to stick to Jpgs for ease of post processing which generally for me just means some cropping as appropriate.

Hope that helps.....Cheers.

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