D7k trip to Borough Market & Southwark Cathedral CC requested

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Re: D7k trip to Borough Market & Southwark Cathedral CC requested

VG - Thank you very much for your guidance. I will take them all on board and practice respectively.

1. My preferred mode in neutral. I carry out adjustments to my taste in nx2 later.

2. Not trying to justify anything, but as far as 569 and 581 are concerned, this is the first time I've shot in a cathedral. There is another shot of the stained glass I took, has come out decent (to my liking) but did not have time to post. And attention was divided between my son and what I was shooting - so could not fiddle with the camera settings a lot, so I'd take a shot-preview-shot again...and so on. Personally I quite like the way Shakespeare's tomb came out, but I take your point on board as well.

3. AFFT - I'll be looking at this straight away.

But from what I've understood so far (in photography) my fear of using 'manual' mode is gone, and I feel like 'manual' will be the only mode that can deliver the results I need.

Thank you again.

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