Don't See the Audience for V1 or J1

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Re: Soccer moms!

dalakin wrote:

Yes. And soccer moms are not to be ignored. They are a huge market and large consumer of entry level DSLRs. maybe they figure some SMs don't want all the complexity and just something better than a P&S. You'd be surprised how much SMs are willing to spend on cameras because they are capturing priceless pics of their kids. hey, it's the reason i tell my wife i need new stuff.

focus in this market is design and marketing, not hardcore features. Nikon is a strong brand and stacks up better than olympus, pentax and samsung (even sony) to those not familiar with photography. too bad Nikon skimped on the good stuff and just made a flashy cam.

gisle wrote:

With the blinding fast auto-focus and its “Smart Photo Selector” mode, the Nikon1 system looks as if has been designed from the ground up specifically for soccer moms.

It may also appeal to some amateurs photographers that want a fast and flexible system camera without having to learn about exposure modes, ISO, DOF, and other technical aspects of photography.

More here:
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I am a soccer mom but also photog. I have all pro lenses, d700 and d7000 for a backup. I get asked ALL the time by other SM's which camera they should buy. Its annoying to try to explain its not only the camera but fast lens. Good Iso, etc. They want all in one and no more than say $700 ish. WHen they ask me how much my 70-200 vr2 or 24-70 is they quickly lose interest in getting the right camera for the job. This camera may very well suit their need, especially in pink..LOL. ALl they do is shoot in "Auto" anyway. I wont be suggesting this camera BUT I will ask to Test drive it if I see one on the field

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