Why Nikon J1/V1 lack real external controls?

Started Sep 23, 2011 | Discussions thread
reginalddwight Senior Member • Posts: 2,003
Re: Because they will confuse the photographer

Price point for the series 1 were set too high. They will naturally come down in price, at which time they may garner an increased following.

Shinichi wrote:

I'm not sure if "soccer mom" will spend $900 for V1 and change lenses. She have to have some knowledge WHY to change lenses in the first place. I think that "soccer mom" or some FB gen. kid will be satisfied with "good" compact for $150 - $200 (IMO).

reginalddwight wrote:

As has been discussed ad nauseum these last few days, Nikon designed the 1 series for soccer moms and the FB generation who don't want to fiddle with dials, knobs, and other shooting settings. The J1/V1 are cameras that were designed to have a relatively clean interface with faster AF than traditional P&S, and the versatility of interchangeable lenses if so desired.

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