Mirrorless Formats: Too Many?

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Mirrorless Formats: Too Many?

With Nikon;s release of the 1 system we now have 4 mirrorless formats for ILCs:

-APSC: Sony and Samsung
-u4/3: Panasonic/Olympus
-Nikon 1
-Pentax Q

There are also rumours that Canon may be coming out with a FF EOS mirrorless model. Is it reasonable to expect that the market can support 4 to 5 different formats with different lenses? The Pentax Q system is the most vulnerable due to the small market share of Pentax/Ricoh. As an enthusiast I have been watching this sector with interest without jumping in as I am waiting for things to settle. The trend is definitely going smaller and many of us tire of carrying around bigger DSLRs with us; I am no exception. My carry around is a Canon G11 and I shoot Pentax DSLRs. The online photographer feels that u4/3 may be the sweet spot of the market.


What do you feel?



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