Rumor people got tired of the D400_D300t_D9000...

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Re: Rumor people got tired of the D400_D300t_D9000...

There are so many things that can affect when Nikon cameras are released that it looks like a nightmare trying to bring anything to the market looking from the outside.

The Nikon range of DSLRs get replaced at different times related to the cost. The bottom of the range getting replaced maybe every year and then there are longer times between replacements as you move up the range. Nikon also has other things to take into account, the release of the new Sony sensors being one of them (should they be using them). No doubt they will have some involvement in the Sony sensor development program, if only to plan any changes they want to do to adapt to their designs, but Sony are competitors and would maybe want a bit of exclusivity with a new sensor.

The lower cameras in the range evolve their features slowly, but cameras higher up the range need bigger changes between replacements to justify the extra money spent on them, and to encourage people that an upgrade is worthwhile. Unfortunately it is harder differentiate models when large parts of your range have effectively the same 16mp sensor, so the D300/S replacement needs a different sensor amongst a lot of other cutting edge features to justify the cost over the D7000. If there is a D300/S replacement, then I expect it to have the 24mp sensor. What is the supply of those sensors like?

Nikon also has to take into account what Canon are doing of course, and do they show their hand first and be confident in what you made will be better than what Canon have planned, or do you release after Canon and try to react (if needs be) to what they bring to the market?

We all know that Nikon is not as big a company as Canon and Sony, so releasing a new range of cameras, and all the associated lenses and accessories, must impact on the development of any DSLRs and Lenses. Although looking at the Nikon One range the camera body designers may only taken a few hours break from DSLR designing. lol

Arguably the biggest challenge at this time for Nikon is the impact of the Earthquake and Tsunami on their business. It is no surprise to me that for certain cameras people may feel that they are overdue as it would have been impossible for them to keep to any perceived schedule with such devastation to people, facilities and infrastructure especially when it happened so close to Nikon's base.

So certain cameras may have been delayed (people assume) but there are many possible reasons for that.

The main thing to remember is that no new cameras doesn't make the camera(s) you have now any worse or stop them working.

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