Nikon V1's Sensor design & D400 & D700/ D4 Implications

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Re: Nikon V1's Sensor design & D400 & D700/ D4 Implications

Cytokine wrote:

The image processing technology in the V1 which is 5 times faster than a D3, with 24 Digital channels and two dedicated image processing pipelines v 12 analogue channels on the D3.

This technology is not only fast but may bring back the colour control that was only possible with expensive off sensor Analogue Digital conversion like D2x D200 and D3.

Since Nikon had the Patent for multi-channel sensors, the new sensors like the V1 could put Nikon ahead of Sony in terms of speed and IQ.

The D4 and the D400 and the D800 could be amazing.

See article from Imaging resource


Please read here. Sony has an A/D converter on chip for each colum (vertical readout) thats about 4048 A/D convarters and 12 channel digital read out. So munch for Nikon multichannel readout patent.

In 2006 Sony had a 300 Frames/sec chip. And in 2010 a 17,7 MP CMOS with 120 FPS. Full res!!

Read more here:


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