Embarssment: The dpreview "hands on" Nikon 1

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Technique and kids photos

I would point out that, from a technique point of view, firing off shots at 10 fps is not going to get you any more in-focus shots of your kids racing around the garden ( or even sitting still ). If the first shot was out of focus the odds are the rest are too.

Also, most so called out of focus shots are really shots with too much motion blur and/or shake. Faster shooting won't help that - it could even make it worse.

While good continuous AF sounds great, I think that if the makers used hyperfocal distances ( or at least wide depth of field settings ) we'd get more in-focus with these compacts than a fast AF system would.

And I've no issue at all with your Nikon J1 material that the OP seems to find so objectionable.

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