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Re: Sorry Bill....

jcmarfilph wrote:
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It must be nice to remain happy despite having such low standards. But why even > use an HS10 when the less expensive 30x (24-720mm) S4000 will suffice?

It would be nice to just sell or ditch your HS10, coz it is not worthy in your hands.

Why are you still keeping it anyway? So you can grab it anytime you want to criticize its shortcomings or your shortcomings perhaps?

Knee-jerk insults backed by nothing is pretty demeaning. I'd like to understand why you think it's effective. It doesn't bother me and it makes you appear almost as childish as those you-know-whos. The HS10 has produced some very nice images that have garnered compliments, but it struggles at 720mm, where image quality drops quite a bit. When it doesn't do the job, whether it's the camera's fault or mine, I simply use my 300mm lens. Better detail, better clarity, richer color, and that's using it just with my old 12mp D90, which also tops the HS10 with swift, more accurate focusing. If I want even better images but less speed, now I'll mount it on my 16mp NX100. It was bundled with a $130 kit zoom lens, so deducting that amount from it's $279 cost means that I got the NX100 for only $149. The 16mp HS20 is $240 more expensive, and everyone that's familiar with its output recognizes that its 16mp mode isn't much better for detail than the 10mp HS10. Ouch.

Of course the HS10 is a lot more portable, but then it's also much less portable than my F550 and G11, now joined by a TL500, so they're used more than the HS10. I'm fortunate enough to be able to use the tool most appropriate for the job. The HS10/HS20 are also good tools, but as general purpose photographic Swiss Army Knives they're flexible, but are usually not the best tools for the job.

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