Using 1350 mm (equivalent) lenses

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Using Sigma 150-500 mm on V1.

SeeRoy wrote:

About the only thing that really appeals to me about the new V1 camera is the prospect of hanging it off the back of my less-than-wonderful Sigma 150-500. Or my 70-200 2.8. The former would offer the equivalent of a 1350 mm lens given the 2.7 crop factor - assuming I wanted to use this lens at it's less than sharp 500 mm extremity.

Now just because it would be using only the centre of the image circle (surely no bad thing) that doesn't mean that this lens would suddenly be transformed into FL of 1350 mm - it's still a 500mm lens. So my question is, would I need any more capable support system than the one I already use when this lens is mounted on an FX body?

In fact I occasionally use it off a Manfrotto Neotech monopod so how about the equally underwhelming stabilisation of this lens? How's that going to cope? Nothing has changed except the proportion of the image circle that's in play.

The idea is that you have to magnify the V1 image more (2.7 times more) than the FX image (with a real 1350 mm lens). Hence any blur caused by vibrations will be magnified 2.7 times more than the same lens on FX. Any aberration from the lens will be magnified 2.7 times more than with the same lens on FX.

You have to handle the set-up like a 1350 mm lens on FX which is really demanding, mechanically and optically.

In a way you divide the lens resolution by 2.7 because of the extra magnification compared to FX. Of course if you make a 2.7 crop from FX you will end up with the same result except for the pixel density.

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