Nikon/PEN side by side comparison

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Re: Nice bit of cherry picking

Anders W wrote:

What is it you don't like about its rendering? And are you talking about the 50/2 or the 45/1.8. Just curious to hear if you have seen something I have missed.

I was talking about 45/1.8. No, I don't see any flaws with it, it's a good lens in all respects. Just saying that I was not blown away by the images from it, the way some Leica images grab me.

As for the indirect comparisons, in particular with Zuiko 50mm, it was tested on E-510 (lenstip), which has stronger AA filter and less pixels to boot compared to E-PL1. It's hard to quantify the impact of that, especially the impact of AA filter.

What I find particularly impressive about lenses like the 20/1.7 and the 45/1.8 is that, unlike what I've found to be the case with every other reasonably fast lens that I have ever owned/used (Vivitar 28/2 Close Focus, Vivitar 35/1.9, Hexanon 52/1.8, Minolta MD 50/1.4, Minolta MD 50/1.7, Hexanon 85/1.8, Minolta MD 85/2) is that they keep up contrast (both global- and micro-) so well and that there is so little evidence of halation or purple fringing even when they are used wide open.

Sure, I am impressed with m4/3 lenses wide open. At the same time legacy lenses that are good wide open do exist. People say that Contax G Planar 45mm is already very good at f2. Contax G Sonnar (90/2.8) which I have has no issues wide open: contrast, resolution, microcontrast, all great. FD 35mm/f2 wide open looks great. These are on NEX and not scientific, but the contrast and lack of ugly aberrations is obvious (both SOOC jpeg, wide open).

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