60D successor! Soon???

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Re: Resurrecting a dead thread?

Why not? There is still no successor to 60D, so the question is still valid to some extent.

ScottieC wrote:

Resurrecting a dead thread?

Interest in photography and interest in tech toys need not be mutually exclusive.

100% pixel zooms are still VERY relevant. If all you ever do is adjust WB/exposure and print a 4x6, maybe not. But if you are going to use Photoshop to dissect a portrait into separate layers for skin, eyes, hair etc cause you wish to apply different treatment to each, all that work is done at 100%, and working with a pin-sharp, aberration-free image is an order of magnitude easier and faster.

I love the 60D, great camera. Nobody knows what 70D is going to have. But if the added features are MFA(my Sigma 70-200 would probably benefit from it), direct video switch like on 7D, an extra C mode or two, and (one can dream) compatibility with handle-control video heads, I think I will be upgrading.

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