Why would I get V1/J1 over a good P&S ?

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Re: There were no "good" point and shoots

dgreene196 wrote:

I guess it depends on your definition of 'compact,' doesn't it?

Compared to a DSLR, the Nikon 1 cameras are quite small. Compared to the S95/S100, they are moderately larger (the V1 is sllightly more than twice as heaviy as the S95 when the kit zoom or pancake lens are added). Personally, I appreciate the Nikon didn't follow Sony's trend (which Olympus and Samsung have followed to some degree) of having the mount stick out from the body. While it makes the bodies appear small (and the trend has been to have the smallest body possible, though I'm not sure why), functionally, these cameras aren't any smaller, and I think some are taking a step back in functionality as subsequent generations are released (GF3, I'm looking at you). It will be interesting to actually see and hold these cameras in store. While I've always liked the idea of the S90/S95/S100, I've never found them particularly comfrotable for my hands.

Of course, when you get to feature sets, the V1 resoundlingly trumps the S100, unless you really have to have 1080p at 24 fps, a smaller camera, a built-in flash, or as many megapixels as possible. Of course, as a more expensive camera, it should. But I can't imagine too many people cross-shopping the Nikon 1 cameras and high-end compacts. Beyond prices being somewhat similar (I don't think Nikon was aggressive enough on price), they're aimed at different markets. The G12, P7100, LX-5, S100, etc all have lots of buttos and dials for a reason. They are targeted at people who like those buttons. The Nikon 1 series is targeted at people who have compact cameras that they've become frustrated with. They want more responsivness, quicker photos. They want to get a shot or a video of a moment more than they want to create an artistic image (or fiddle with buttons or specs).

Ha-ha! I think there might be more reason than "people like [to play with] those buttons"! Those buttons provide options and functionality lacking on Nikon's new LOL-1 camera.

I'm anxious to see a shoot-out between the S100, LOL-1, and a Pan-Oly M4/3. Should be very interesting!

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