Why would I get V1/J1 over a good P&S ?

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Re: Why would you get V1/J1 over a fuji X10

Camp Freddy wrote:

Once you actually buy a lens fast enough for the poor ISO in the "1s", then you are over the price for the X1o, which really can take good pictures.

This is what I thought until I read this article:

The image processing technology in the V1 is 5 times faster than a D3, with 24 Digital channels and two dedicated image processing pipelines v 12 analogue channels on the D3.

This technology is not only fast but may bring back the colour control that was only possible with expensive off sensor Analogue Digital conversion like D2x D200 and D3.

Since Nikon I seem to remember had the Patent for multi-channel sensors, the new sensors like the V1 could put Nikon ahead of Sony and others in terms of speed and IQ.
Nikon claim the quality of the Nikon 1 is on par with a DSLR.

The sensor also seems to be optimised for video, so if the above is confirmed in tests, this would be a huge achievement for Nikon, add a few very fast lenses and an enthusiast version and this format will be very very good.


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