Got a WORKING Oly DSLR for 99P

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It also had a maximum shutter speed of 1/10000 which was strangely over-specced given it's shortcomings in other areas.

that was because of the Progressive scan sensor, the C1000 does 16,000th sec the same way.. there's no aperture Iris in the C1000 and 1400 if I remember, (only a basic leaf shutter) the lens is always wideopen and it relies on the shutter speed capability of the Prog scanned sensor - the issue was that Prog scanning was OK at 850K pixels and borderline OK at 1.3Mp in the EZI but at 2.5Mp in the C2500 the cracks started to show, it had very poor image quality compared to other 2Mp cams, especially and Embarrsingly, other Olympus models which used the "new" 1/2" interlace scanned 2Mp CCD ..

Oly put Prog scanned mode into the E20 to get the shutter speed above 640th sec and you had to deliberately set it in a menu, of course at 5Mp the IQ took a big hit (though it was still better than the C2500) . the best Prog scanned Oly was the EZI - once you'd turned the haywire sharpening down anyway .

But yes, it all came together in the UZI, although I always had a hankering for the E-100RS - CF compatible, 1/10000 max shutter, 15 fps, rubberised black fact, I'm off to check ebay.

I found one a few months ago, boxed as new complete to go with my mint UZI (also boxed complete) , I had an UZI from the 2001 firesale, everyone in the family wore it out eventually, the Oly forum WAS the UZI forum for about 3 years - LOL ..... These are off-Topic, they're not DSLRs like the C1000, C1400 and 2500 - LOL

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