Nikon V1 - I've decided to buy one (selling my GH2)

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Re: Lie

Poweruser wrote:

If you are looking for a reason to spend money on new toys because you want to play than be true about it. Otherwise there is no reason in owning an "in-between" camera between a DSLR and compact. Its just one more disposable digital thing in a household full of it.

Will it help you - or anyone - to improve photographically? I have my doubts...

Go to the m43 and ask around. You'll hear from many people who own a P&S compact, an m43, and a DSLR system. I'm one of them. I use m43 when I want something lighter than my DSLR (for traveling/hiking) but also want the focal length flexibility of an interchangeable lens camera.

I didn't buy m43 to improve my photographic skill. I bought it because it will give me the combination of features and convenience (ie: size/weight) that I wanted. That means I will have the right camera with me to capture certain photo opportunities.

Cameras are tools, nothing more, nothing less. Insisting that every tool bring you one step closer to being a better practitioner of an art or craft is idealistic thinking. I buy tools to suit the task and to make the job easier.


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