Embarssment: The dpreview "hands on" Nikon 1

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Re: Embarassment: "hands on" sub-standards

For me (a camera retailer) the question is; "who is the target market?" and "does it hit that market's needs?". Will the P&S market embrace them as a "step-up" format for their next purchase? Is it different enough from a "bridge or super-zoom " fixed-lens model to sway purchasers from the class (including Nikon's own models)? Will those wanting interchangeable lenses without the size and myriad controls of a true SLR make the leap? Might the 4/3rds-leaning consumer see the Nikon name as their comfort zone, forsaking Samsung, Panasonic, Olympus et al? Life in the marketplace should reveal the answers once the product hits the shelves. As I don't see where the cameras fit into the current pecking order of "camera hierarchy", I'll decide to stock, or not, based on industry feedback, not hype.

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