Why would I get V1/J1 over a good P&S ?

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There is no reason (nt)

harold1968 wrote:

I am looking for reasons rather then just saying

1. It seems that a good P&S can have a longer range built in with no hassle of lens changing or dust getting in.
2. Is at least half the price
3. This thing has no DOF control to speak of so not much diff from P&S

If I want fun lens changes in a small package I can get Pentax Q. if I want some DOF and ISO I should get Nex or even cheap 4/3s

I see lots of Nikon fanboys/girls saying this is the best thing since sliced bread, but all because it does squeeze between two markets doesn't mean that the buyer slice actually exists at the price ?

I just don't get why Nikon feel that the man/women in the street will buy this over Panny LX5, Canon S95, Nikon P300 or Olympus AZ-1 ?

PS: The prices for these things in the UK looks insanve, even given retailer discounting after launch ....

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