Issues with nex 5n studio comparison shots

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Malcolm Smith New Member • Posts: 7
Issues with nex 5n studio comparison shots


I've been weighting up the merits of the 5n v's the E-PL3, and so was pleased to see the 5n being added to the studio comparison tool with the E-PL3's review. What I was quite surprised by was the difference in IQ between the 5n and E-PL3, with the Oly looking better even up to 1600.

I have some specific questions that I'm hoping some more experienced members can answer.

  • Is the studio comparison shot taken with the kit lens? I can find anything about what lens was used or what the aperture is.

  • What scaling is applied to the magnified crops? They can't all be 100% crops as the nex has a different sized sensor to the Oly, but when you view the magnified crops the objects appear the same size on screen. Do they scale it so the lowest res camera in the comparison is at 100%, and the others are scaled to give the same on screen size?

  • The JPEGs from the Oly look much sharper. I appreciate the Oly has very good JPEG engine, and this advantage might disappear it you process RAW, but they are significantly sharper (look at the writing on the label at the top of the Martini bottle). I would have thought the Nex's higher resolution sensor would resolve this detail to a better extent than the Oly, but it doesn't, it's quite soft. Is this the lens?

  • If you look along the top left hand edge of the Martini bottle, the bright white background bleeds into the outline of the bottle on the Nex. This is much less on the Oly. Again is this an issue with the lens? It makes the image look much like something my existing P&S would produce.

  • So I went to compare RAW, to take the different JPEG engines out of the picture, and the RAWs from the 5n look terrible -very bad aliasing, particularly on the diagonals on the Martini bottle label. Has something gone wrong with the processing here? Surely this isn't right? Again, there must be some scaling going on in the comparison tool to give the same apparent size on-screen. Has this been interpolated badly?

From this you might gather that I want to get the 5n - but I'm finding it hard to dismiss these apparent issues in its image quality. I understand that pixel peeping does not necessarily have a bearing on the quality of images taken in the field, but there does seem to be something not right here.

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