The new Nikon V1 is amazing...

Started Sep 21, 2011 | Discussions thread
Bilgy_no1 Veteran Member • Posts: 4,880
Re: telling...

I just grabbed the first comparison that I saw. I now also looked at the J1 vs E-PM1 comparison, and that one still looks like the mFT is smaller, while still featuring stuff like a normal system hot shoe and a sensor that is twice as big.

We'll see where Nikon takes it from here. But as of yet, I'm not convinced.

Essenobi wrote:

If you're harping on size why don't you compare the J1 with the EPM1? Or the V1 with a m4/3 that has a viewfinder? Because it sounds like you're comparing the biggest Nikon to the smallest m4/3 and ignoring the fact that there is a smaller Nikon 1 series and bigger m4/3.

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