What's more comfortable; The K10-D/20D with the D-BG2 or the K-7/5 with the D-BG4???

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Re: Additional filter in Question missing, K-5 Silver Edd. Anyone???

Ok, Correction. I should have put, “Given Average Hands,” in my Question...Sorry Folks. Keep in mind that there are still some Silver Edition K-5's floating around out there on the Internet that supposedly are better for people with the bigger Hands. Has anyone got to shoot with one of these???? For me, I have always wanted a DSLR that has a very High Performance/Volume Ratio for what I do, and I truly believe that the K-5 has the absolute highest out there of any Semi-Professional or Full-Frame Professional DSLR with that in mind. I know that full-frame cameras can produce even higher IQ, but for crying out loud—the cameras are huge!, and impractical to carry on long Hikes or when climbing with limited pack space.

When I got my hands on the new body style of the K-7 for the first time, I was absolutely astonished—It felt like a custom-crafted competition Handgun in my hands. When Coupled with my DA* 16-50mm F2.8 lens, it truly gave me a visual impression that Pentax had put as much performance into as little of a package as possible, but then the K-5, rolled out 3 months later and when I finally upgraded to the K-5 7 months later, I knew that I had the perfect camera for what I do and I know that it will be many years before I'd even consider another camera for what I use it for—It's that good. Additionally I will say that the K-5's image quality is by far superior to my K-10D & even K-7 and there’s no if, ands, or butts about that topic.

In regards to all of the people who think that the K-20D is up to par with the K-5 or even the K-7 on the metering system, People! The K-10D uses a 10-Segment Metering System and the K-20D uses a 16-Segmant Metering System. Both the K-7 & K-5 use a highly advanced 77-Segmant Metering System. For Crying-out-loud, it’s not a matter of, “If,” it’s a matter of “Can.” Both the K-10D and K-20D use far less accurate metering systems than the K-7 & K-5. They just flat out can’t capture some of the more tricky lighting scenarios without adjusting EV compensation, and even then they still can’t because there lagging the Dynamic Range that the newer K-5/7. Take a look if you don’t believe me or have seen a picture or two to dispute that. Here’s the K-20D vs. the K-7 with a comprehensive IQ Test:


I even know that because I shot 40,000 pictures or so with the K-10D over 3 ½ years. Here’s a couple of shots that I’ve tried many times over with my K-10D and I could never get them right.

Here was the first one with my K-7 in 2010:

http://hikenhi.smugmug.com/OHV-RoutesJeep-Trails/Coyote-Lake-7-10-2010/13069217_g4P76G#946890075_WcybF I was stunned when I saw it in my view finder after I shot this. AP-Priority Mode, No EV compensation. The Trees look Great, the Sky has detail...hmmm, pretty K-10D-unlike, even with several hundred additional similar attempts with my K-10D over the previous 3 ½ years, I think this was the first time that I’d used my K-7 in the Back country.

Here’s a great one with my K-5 two Months ago, and it was the 1st and only shot that I needed to capture this:


Another shot that I was stunned when I saw it in the viewfinder after I shot it. AP-Priority Mode, No EV compensation. The K-5 and Only the K-5 could capture this shot as opposed to my K-7 & K-10D cameras which just flat-out don't have the DR to get something like this where the where the Sun is coming through the trees.

Everyone has their own needs, but as you're skills with the camera get better, there becomes a point at which you need that extra Dynamic Range or Better High-ISO performance to take your Game to the next level to capture the more advance shots that you just can’t get without a camera that’s capable. I think my next camera will more or less be an additional style of Camera and not an upgrade, or at least anytime soon. I've been wanting a Full Frame Camera for my growing Passion for Wedding Photography where you need the ultimate in High ISO Performance and Dynamic Range--Sorry Pentax, I think it will be Decades before you guys produce a full-frame camera. Nikon, "Hurry up with the D-4, it needs to be a little better than 12MP to get me to Bite."

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