Nikon 1 -- super deep DOF

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Re: Noisy = OK

Dear Believer,

You have taken your first small step towards enlightenment. I hope that one day you will embrace the one truth in this and all other universes under creation. The 4/3 sensor size is the greatest achievement of not just humanity. It is the universal truths that countless enlightened species have and will discover.

Bilgy_no1 wrote:

WT21, you need to keep this in mind:

  • Less DOF is bad, but so is more DoF

  • Less noise is unnecessary, but more noise is bad

  • Smaller is better than big (Dslr), but too small is not ok either

If you look at it this way, there's only one absolute truth and that is that m4/3 is the Perfect Culmination of Human Engineering.

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