Why no sensor upgrade?

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yeah, OK.....

NuFonaut wrote:

I remember reading from you a short time ago that all M4/3 needs is good Iso 3200.

And i agreed. Good Iso 1600 is ok and enough for most situations but with good 3200 we could start using slower lenses in low light which would actually be great imo.

tedolf wrote:

DonSantos wrote:

To be more clear I'm talking about high iso noise and not dr and not megapixels. In my opinion having the high iso flexibility is the most important part of the sensor. Shame the m43 systems has so many good lens but getting a high iso sensor seems out of their grasp.

why are people so hung up on high ISO performance? The vast majority of photos are taken ISO 200-800, maybe ISO 1600 and probably most at base ISO whenever possible. ISO 1600 is faster than anything we had in the film days and just about anything you want to shoot can be done at ISO 1600 and below. Add in IBIS or OIS and you can leave the tripod at home.

Who needs ISO 12,800 anyways? Does anybody really need to shoot at that speed? Do you have any idea how dark ISO 12,800, 1/4 sec. (doable with IBIS) and f/2.0 is? We are talking about midnight black. Who takes pictures in that situation or darker that you couldn't get with bulb setting, a tripod and ISO 200?

Give me a good clean ISO 1600, clean shadow detail and I really couldn't care about higher ISOs.

Also stop the MP non-sense. 12 Mp is more than enough.

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What´s that noise?

From one of the Canon Forums:

'I just came back from my first holiday with the 5D II (I think my wife was there as well). '

ISO 1600/3200. Ok?

Now I fixed it.

Maximud Decimus Tedolphus

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