Nikon V1 - I've decided to buy one (selling my GH2)

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Re: Nikon V1 - I would buy one (if I had not bought mFT)

SantaFeBill wrote:

Escaping wrote:

They are the average folks who simply want a good enough camera that is not "sooo slow" and have enough flexibility to grow, yet not so ready or is too intimidated by the big DSLR's.

But do these average folks understand the advantage of interchangeable lenses? And are they willing to carry around 2 or 3 extra lenses? If not, and they're only going to use one lens on the camera, why not buy a fixed-lens one? If they want interchangeable lenses, and are willing to deal with carrying several, I don't see them as 'average folks' so far as their photography is concerned.

Who makes a fixed lens, zoom camera, with a sensor significantly larger than that used in most P&S's? Off hand, I can't think of anyone.

I would bet that the vast majority of entry level DSLR users only use one or two lenses as well, and Canon and Nikon have done well selling to them. Meanwhile, no one besides Sony has produced an APS-C, fixed lens zoom to go after that market. And even then, the R-1 was quite expensive at the time.

Based on the success of entry level DSLRs, I'm guessing that people stepping up from a P&S like the idea of being able to use another lens, and most likely it would be a telephoto zoom for the zoo and sports.


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