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Robert Hoy wrote:

AlephNull wrote:

Note the Blu-ray DVDs were created because only 1 hour of 1080p video could fit on a standard dual layer DVD. And I've read the the 5D DVD format might be ready about 2019 and store as much as 10 TB. It also might have a light beam compatible with the DVD format. Not sure about CD's so they may be already obsolete in 8 more years!

Any future optical disc won't be called a DVD either. It won't be 10TB, either. The jump will be much smaller than that. 9GB for DVD (dual layer) to 50GB for BD (dual layer). I'd expect the next format to be more like 250GB, or maybe even less (the putative quad-layer BD would be about 100GB). There are suggestions that FMDs might have a great many layers, but even they won't get near 10TB.

Just google: 5D DVD and read for yourself! It's coming.

And just because DVD to Blu-Ray DVD was an increase of just 5.8x don't assume that will be the next jump. CD to DVD was 700MB to 8.5 GB or a 12x jump!

Stop saying Blu-Ray DVD - a Blu-Ray disc (abbreviation BD) is NOT a DVD. It's like referring to a DVD CD. It just shows your ignorance.

I looked up 5D DVD. It's an experimental technology, like FMD (which was first shown in 2000, and is still not close to being a commercial product). It may get commercialised. It may not. The researchers will claim it will become a product "real soon now" - they want more funding for their research. Getting all excited about it is pointless. Something will come, but I very much doubt that this will be it.

If there were a 10TB disc, it wouldn't be a 12x jump. It would be 200x.

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