Is E-PL3 cheap NEX replica?

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Kiril Karaatanasov Senior Member • Posts: 2,071
Is E-PL3 cheap NEX replica?

I was reading the review today. E-PL3 seem to be cheap replica of the NEX line.

Kind of like Adibas imitate Adidas

It is very ugly way to copy NEX Design

Same screen, same colors, same body design concept, same rubber, same wheel, same navigation

Of course this is ridiculous as the screen is 16:9 which is completely inappropriate for
4:3 camera.

Consider also the cheap metal bracket in front of the camera when the whole thing is actually quite cheap looking and feeling plastic

The Samsung NX-200 is like even cheaper replica as the screen is not articulating

Look at the GF-3 they even copied the idea to have a hump

This is ridiculous - why would anyone buy NEX imitation?

Are not vendors supposed to have own message? Panaosnic with their G# and GH2 still seem to offer some own face and image.

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